by Alexaner Skobeleff

30 May 2011

How to quit smoking, when it’s so damn difficult!

How do you quit smoking when it’s so damn difficult? When you’ve tried so many times you lost count over the years? The funny thing that comes with trying so many times is that you gathers all the infos on yourself over a very long period of time, and by the time you get set to quit, you know how just a bit further, and then something would set you back and you don’t punish yourself as much harder than you did before, you know it will be easier next time, because it does gets easier next time, no matter how many time it is. Just one more might tip you over the edge into the not-smoking zone.

And here’s the kicker, it’s easy, when you know how.

It happens to me. Though not as much as others tried. I took it easy, I enjoyed my smokes, and I thought about quitting, fitting the idea of non-smoking life into my head, imagining what it would feels like, to be free of the damn sticks and best of all to not cough too much, to not feel sore in my throat and to not wake up in the middle of the night needinga smoke just to help me sleep better. (sighs)… I tried this and I tried that. But what I learned is to understand within, inside us we have to understand what is making us reach out for that damn millstone around our neck and smoke it… what is it? where did it come from? Who the hell put it there so we grabbed it that first time…

I thought by reading a ton of non-smoking, quit smoking, this and that stuff would give me some info, no matter how tenious it is, the strength, the fortitute, to go through with the terror of letting go of the damn weeds… just to see how far I can push myself to resisted the damn things… aaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!

It’s like falling off a skyscraper’s roof, falling forever….

But in time, after a few days of not smoking a thing, just breathing in pure fresh air that is like nectar from God, feeling the natural highs of breathing in pure oxygen that are uncontaminated by the stinky smoky weed… I realised, it’s easy! My god, it’s so easy! It’s not that hard! It is bloody well EASY!

Can you imagine the magnitude of the feeling of freedom, sheer freedom from not wasting your time on saving up money, buying the bloody weeds, getting the rollowns papers, the matches or lighters? The wasted time in rolling the cigarettes, the smoking of it, the length of time to recover from the stink… not to mention the length of time wasted on cleaning the house, car, clothes of the stink? It boggles my mind… and the best part of it, I have not spent a dollar, nor a cent for any of these. Not one dollar, not one cent, goes to the parasite corpserations that created these tobacco products. I’m sure they ripped me out of perhaps $50 thousand dollars over the entire time I wasted my money and smoked their crap.

That’s okay.

 To hell with the tobacco corpserations, they can have their poisons and drown in ’em if they want. I don’t give a damn. What I’m happy about is being FREE of the shackles they put on me, in the form of that poison, NICOTINE. Boy, if I had known what the hell it is, and how addictive it is, back when I was a kid, reading about it, how it twisted people up, makes addicts out of them and how they would even eat tobacco to get that taste of nicotine… I would not have touched the bloody stuff with a barge pole!

Holy Lord Jesus Christ Almighty… I had to learn the hard way. Fortunately I had the computer, and the internet, though dialups are ok, but a pain in the arse with the creepy slow way info is gathered, but at least it fine, I got some info somehow… I researched health in every way I could think of…

The first thing is that in smoking for a long period of time, you lose two tooth every ten years. I read this somewhere and that made me determined to quit, no matter how hard it is. For INFORMATION is power. That is very simple. I still have my two tooth, both have deep cavities and I found natural antibiotics to slow the decay down, and I am maintaining it all… (sighs)… but it does breaks off bit by bit… damn it… stress is also the cause of decay… so I am determined to be as happy as possible… oh well, such as it is.

The second thing is, read as much of what people do when they quit smoking, and try it all…

And finally, you must build up your mental strength, so you’re strong and resistant to easy pleasures, such as the smoking thing… the more you resisted the better and stronger you are. That is simple enough.

It worked. I found that by trying I got through and by trying I built up my strength and in time, I am smoke-free. I no longer smoke.

I have been non-smoker for something like 3 or 4 years now. I quit smoking starting August 2007, and have not touched a cigarette since. Well, twice, about a month apart, I got angry and tried to smoke but I could not smoke. I lost the ability to adapt to smoking, and the funny thing is, I coughs and coughs and coughs, and after that one drag, I never touch nor made another cigarette. I have lost the desire to smoke. I see no value in smoking chemicals into my lungs and body and brain.

I loves breathing pure, fresh, oxygen, direct from the clean skies outside… it’s a pure pleasure to breath in pure fresh oxygen, even the ozone smells clean… beautiful!

I hopes you’ll gather the mental strength to quit smoking, for keeps!

Hasta la vista, baby!